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Upgrade your RV

Each Phase of Our Process

Don't let your windows put you in a dangerous situation that affects your sight and safety. Darren Thomas Glass Company, Inc. is the home of the "Never Fog RV Window" System. This new system will make your RV quieter, cooler, and safer.


We have over a 12,000 square foot building to accommodate Your Coach, no matter the weather conditions, we can keep working in our shop. You can even bring it in the night before your scheduled appointment to ensure you are here on time.

- We remove your window from your coach

- Take apart your frame

- Remove and dispose of your bad glass

- Install our "Never Fog RV Window System" to fit your frame

- Put your frame back together

- Install unit back in your coach with fresh sealant and protectant

- Now you are ready to go


We work for you. It doesn't matter if we replace One section of your window or All the pieces in the window frame. Let us give you two different quotes on your window; one for the piece that is bad and one for the whole window. That way you can weigh and balance your decision.

Same-Day Service

It takes approximately 2.5 - 3 hours per window to change to the “Never Fog RV Window” System. Each window is different so, some may take longer than others. We have space with power, water, and Wi-Fi for you if you would like to stay the night or come the night before your appointment.






- New Felt Run Channels

- Gaskets

- Dew wipes

- Locks

- Weather stripping

- Handles

- Cranks

- Re-screens


We can also install a New Felt Run Channel if needed, at an Additional Fee. Each order is custom and No Mass Production is involved in our services. We take each coach individually.

Home of the


"Never Fog RV Window"






Before and after foggy glass

Glass services to help ypu see the world more clearly


We provide Central Florida with First-rate Glass Service and the Amazing Never Fog RV

Window Systems

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